Communicate with purpose.

Serving companies of all sizes and phases of maturity, nonprofits, and agency clients,

Pattie Kushner Consulting specializes in shaping strategic communications programs that address real business challenges.

We help our clients see around corners, elevate conversations, and authentically influence outcomes.

Whether we are amplifying brands or navigating high-stakes issues, we help you focus on what matters most to achieve results.

experience matters

Pattie is a top communications expert and a foremost crisis and issues management adviser with extensive experience building brands and navigating high-stakes issues. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and integrated marketing agencies.

Pattie is battle-tested. From leading global communications for two healthcare powerhouses at the height of the pandemic to shaping the reputation of what is now one of the world's most admired financial service providers, Pattie knows what it takes to build brands, protect reputations, and achieve business outcomes. Her experience spans industries closely scrutinized by the government and media, where her precision skills are crucial.

Pattie is a transformative leader. She’s built a high-performing communications discipline from the ground up for a $12 billion global company, transformed others into award-winning teams, and delivered ground-breaking work across nearly all disciplines of communications. She brings strong business acumen, effective leadership, and deep experience in all facets of communication to her clients.

core capabilities

Strategic communications

Issues & crisis communications

Reputation & brand

Media & messaging

Culture & engagement

Leadership positioning

Investor relations

Corporate responsibility (ESG)

why we are different

With growing expectations for leaders to comment on every societal issue, the sustained pressure to be heard can overwhelm and divert attention away from what matters most. Combined with endless news cycles and content platforms, communications often devolve into quantity over quality.

When that happens, prioritization evaporates. Content expands to fill channels, stakeholder focus blurs, messages are diluted, resources are wasted, and results suffer.

We use strategic communications to help you do more than

create awareness. We help you anticipate and deliver communications that elevate critical conversations, influence stakeholders and achieve business results.

We help you communicate with purpose.

our approach

  1. Listen. We listen to you, your leaders, and, most importantly, your stakeholders.
  2. Plan. We develop actionable plans against measurable objectives.
  3. Adapt. We help you capitalize on emerging opportunities and anticipate issues.
  4. Deliver. We do our work with precision, agility, and follow-through.
  5. Results. We focus on outcomes.

let's collaborate

Let's talk if your company or agency seeks a trusted communications partner to help you address critical brand, reputation, and business goals.

We are available for short-term projects, retainer clients, and fractional/interim team leadership assignments.

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